Aerial Wedding Photography

Oct 15, 2016

Aerial Wedding Photography

Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life. There is no better way to relive it than through memorable photos. To truly capture the essence of your special day why not use a drone for incredible shots and videography from overhead?

With all the time and effort planning and carrying out your wedding, you can capture all its splendor with aerial photography and videography. Aerial View Labs, Inc. specializes in drone wedding photography, which is never meant to replace your standard wedding photographer, and we can certainly provide a different perspective, an amazing overhead view.

  • Aerial Photo Shots: As you can see in our gallery of photos, aerial shots capture special moments in an entirely new way. You can include all your guests in the shot, or take your husband or wife to be away from the crowds to a unique location.
  • Virtual Wedding Walk throughs: We mount the camera on our drone using a 3-axis gimbal system, allowing us to give you a very smooth video of your wedding. With this system you can virtually walk through your entire wedding venue, go down the aisle with all the decorations, capturing the feeling of the day including all the surrounding scenery.
  • Seamless Transitions Ground to Air: We will smoothly and discreetly capture all the wedding details located near the ground, and then ever so gradually climb up to showcase the magnificence of your entire wedding!
  • Fun & Excitement: Once your ceremony has ended, the party begins and our drone will appear overhead to photograph and film the celebration. You both, along with family and friends will look up and wave. All the moves on the dance floor will be captured and enshrined forever!

Aerial View Labs, Inc. would be happy to coordinate with any Ontario wedding photographer or videography crew that has already been hired to photograph your wedding. We specialize in drone wedding photography and aerial shots. If you still need to hire a standard wedding photographer, we would be happy to recommend someone good for you.

Please contact us to discuss your special day and to learn more about our services!