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UAV Aerial Real Estate Photography

What an amazing way to present a property to clients from the vantage point of a low-level aerial shot, which is what a professional UAV can offer in the form of high-resolution images and clear, crisp 4K video photography.

Aerial View Labs Inc. is a leader in professional UAV real estate photography, to give you top quality still images and beautifully done smooth videos. Our precision drones can capture high-quality images from 500m above ground level. We work with many different real estate professionals in Toronto, London, Waterloo and throughout Ontario providing spectacular aerial photography.

You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” and how a home is being presented makes all the difference in the world in terms of attracting the interest of potential buyers. With our stunning UAV real estate photography services, home buyers can actually grasp the beauty and scale of your property. With drones we can use wide-angle lenses to capture panoramic still images of your property and home, from many different angles, which offers views you may never have seen before.

Aerial View Labs, Inc. can give you top-quality aerial photography for any type of real estate. With these photos and videos you can see the actual architecture of your property including the surrounding greenery and landscape. We have many years of experience in capturing the true essence and beauty of homes, which enables us to bring the elegance and essence of any property to life, whether it’s a cottage, home, resort hotel or land development.

6 Benefits of Using a UAV to Market Real Estate

1. Create more dramatic, compelling images.
2. Create more interesting virtual tours.
3. Highlight more property features.
4. Generate new business.
5. Out-market the competition.6. Save money.

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