Charting Land & Structures

UAV Mapping & Surveying

Aerial View Labs, Inc. with its specialized mapping drone can offer the kind of insight that would be invaluable for land and resource management and large construction projects. Our 3D point Clouds, 2D Orthomosaics and Digital Elevation Models made with very specialized software will give you the data and information you need to make critical decisions.

These kinds of maps are routinely used in forestry and costal management, short and long-term planning, making a record of assets, planning building and road locations, stockpile calculations, feasibility studies, terrain modeling, cut and file requirements in road construction and regulatory enforcement.

In addition to taking geo-referenced images in high resolution and creating application and index maps, our software can process and produce a broad range of other data outputs across a number of file formats. Our mapping drones provide data quickly and easily with more detail and less risk than satellite imagery or manned flights. We can do this very economically as well and have the maps ready within a few days. This is months before a typical surveyor could ever complete CAD-ready maps. Ontario UAV drone mapping.

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