UAV Livestock Monitoring

UAV Livestock Monitoring

UAV Livestock Monitoring demands vigorous observation of livestock to determine location and health as well as the detection of predators and thieves on your property.

Aerial View Labs UAV solutions for Livestock Monitoring overcome the limitations of traditional airplane and helicopter methods through the incorporation of powerful on board reporting UAVs.

This unique capability is very valuable for such things as in-flight modification of mission parameters based on real time data assessment and environmental factors significantly improving efficiencies.

Data-acquisition missions can be defined to automatically take place within specific boundaries, with autonomous aircraft conducting the analysis and reporting real-time data from HD Video and Images as well as Highly Sensitive Thermal Imaging.We provide a full range of UAV service in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions as well as throughout the rest of Ontario.

Advantages of Livestock Monitoring with a UAV

  • Tracking livestock
  • Ensures livestock safety
  • Keep thieves away
  • Health checkups with Thermal Imaging

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