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Drones for Investigating Insurance Claims

Aerial View Labs, Inc. provides drone service for handling insurance claims having to do with crop insurance, roof damage due to hail and other areas that would otherwise be hard to inspect and assess properly. We can offer your insurance company an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) similar to a helicopter to survey and take video of the area. By accessing an area in question with an unmanned helicopter type drone (Hexi-drone), claims adjusters can accurately survey any damage in real time. The still images and video taken by the drone’s camera can be saved for future inspections or as part of any evidence being used in determining the viability of an insurance claim. The added benefit that drone surveillance can bring to the table, is there’s no place a drone can’t access. Hexi-drones are best for this purpose because they do not need a take off and landing strip. They can also hover in place when detailed still shots and video are needed.

We provide a full range of UAV service in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions as well as throughout the rest of Ontario. Please contact Aerial View Labs today to discuss your needs.

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