UAV Construction Monitoring

UAV Construction Monitoring

Property developers, construction companies, engineers and general contractors are always interested in everything going on at all their projects, starting with bid package, creating the site plan, and the drawings needed throughout the entire job. Aerial View Labs, Inc. provides the critical raw data that these types of business owners need to make well informed decisions. The detailed imagery that our drones can collect is used in surveying, to monitor and evaluate construction progress, ensure that safety policies are being followed, manage resources, measure stockpiles, reduce any downtime and help construction supervisors and general contractors keep their projects on schedule and under budget.

When starting your project, Aerial View Labs has UAV’s that can take high-resolution photos, which we can process and produce geo-referenced survey grade maps of the site. We can also create models in 3D of any and all adjacent structures. These images can be imported into your modeling software to start your building design and land management. This can all be done very safely and completed within a few days for a lot less money than traditional methods.

Once you begin construction our high-flying drones can capture aerial images for you to track the progress, monitor installations, inspect structures, evaluate safety requirements, track resources and coordinate all activities. By monitoring your project from beginning to end, you’ll have an indisputable record of everything accomplished for your records and your client’s. You can use the observations and data collected to implement new work practices for your next project, which will undoubtedly save you time and money. We provide a full range of UAV services in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions as well as throughout the rest of Ontario.

Professionally UAV aerial imaging is an excellent tool for highlighting and marketing your projects.

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