Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Utilize the expertise of Aerial View Labs Inc. in the world of precision agriculture.

Beneficial Solution

A UAV provides a huge advantage over using manual labor that would normally take workers many days to complete. Aerial View Labs offers you an affordable solution that will get the job done quickly.

We have specially designed drones to fly over your harvests and fields collecting important data using UAV aerial photography and mapping software. In the process our technology can produce detailed maps to give you an accurate picture of your entire operation.

By using drones in agriculture prescriptive maps and recommendations can be created. These maps will identify wetlands existing in your fields and any irregularities occurring in your plants or in their maturity levels. All other information that is collected can be used in monitoring and overseeing your operations. We provide a full range of UAV services in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions as well as throughout the rest of Ontario.

UAV drone technology can be used to determine:

  • Precise condition of your harvests and fields
  • Location of any wetlands
  • Whether insects and disease are present
  • Evaluation of the water flow
  • Estimate biomasses and your exact output
  • Terrain profiles and topographical plans
  • The exact boundaries

Aerial View Labs, Inc. has a wide-range of expertise that can accommodate many different applications. Please call us today to discuss your needs.

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