Asset Inspections

Thermal Imaging Used for Asset Inspection and Energy Audits

Aerial View Labs, Inc. offers Canadian Industry safe, efficient, accurate and precise UAV aerial thermal imaging services for thermal surveys, mapping and asset inspections. We use a FLIR (ITC) Level III Thermographer for aerial thermal aerial imaging projects and reporting.

By using Flir XT thermal imaging camera combined with our DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Aerial View Labs can capture thermal images of a very high-resolution of 640 X 512 thermal resolution. We have completely gyro stabilized our thermal inspection equipment to use in capturing radiometric images as well as video. Settings are adjustable whilst the UAV is flying.

Thermal imaging is perfect for electrical transmission and process plant and infrastructure instruction. Using our drones and the systems employed the inspection process is simplified.

Complete post-inspection reports are available to include thermal gradient as well as spot measurements of hot and cold points that may be of interest.

Aerial View Lab’s UAV systems enable you to quickly and frequently conduct inspections of your assets in inaccessible areas and extreme heights without risking the health and safety of company personnel. We provide a full range of UAV services in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions as well as throughout the rest of Ontario.


Incorporating the exact same thermal imaging core in the world’s most popular cameras, the Zenmuse XT provides expanded performance and flexibility for price that makes sense to use it in the following applications:

  • Cell and communication tower inspections
  • Fighting fires
  • Inspecting power lines and substations
  • Precision agriculture
  • Roof and building inspections
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Leak detection
  • Energy assessments
  • Substation inspections
  • Surveying
  • And much more

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