UAV Aerial Inspections

UAV Aerial Inspections

Aerial View Labs, Inc. can provide you with a highly specialized inspection UAV services at a very reasonable price. Your inspection can be done quickly and safely to give you the information and data you are seeking. By using a UAV you save the trouble and expense of having to hire boom trucks or build scaffolding. Using our inspection UAV, we can safely access areas that otherwise would be out of reach, which keeps people from danger while providing you with an incredible new and expansive view.

With our UAV, we can take HD video, still shots and high res thermal imaging all during one flight. Aerial View Labs specialized inspection UAV’s has many features, which 4K video and 16MP high res inages. Our UAV can fly very close to structures in order to get a sub-millimeter resolution. We provide a full range of UAV services in Toronto, London, Waterloo regions and throughout the rest of Ontario

Aerial View Labs inspection services:

  • Buildings and Rooftops
  • Communication and Cell Towers
  • Hot Spots on Solar Panels
  • Overpasses and Bridges
  • Power Lines
  • Tanks and Pipelines
  • Silos

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