Innovation at AVL

Aerial View Labs Inc., understands that not all UAV missions benefit from the same UAV technology. We are always looking for greater paths, improved technology, greater services, faster delivery, striving for excellent to bring you the best possible service.  Our R & D team is constantly exploring new technology and valuable ways to implement UAV technology for our clients globally. We are in development of proprietary technology and equipment to expand our quality of service and service offerings.

AVL sees the future of UAV technology growing and expanding at a rapid pace. We see long range, fixed wing UAV’s providing a wealth of deliverable data and are working to bring these technology advances and equipment to the Aerial View Labs organization.

While numerous companies ask innovation actions of individuals, they fail to recognize that innovation is a group sport that requires all players to take part. People tend to confuse innovation with creativity; however innovation should be recognized as a discipline, not an natural skill. Like any other business function, innovation has trade-craft that can be learned, practiced and honed.

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will transform our economy in a multitude of ways, including advances in precision agriculture, fast and environmentally-friendly consumer delivery, assistance to first responders, safe inspection of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, and security.

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