Using a UAV To Help Boost Your Home Sales?

Oct 15, 2016

Using a UAV / Drone to create virtual tours can be a real game changer for real estate agents.  Most buyers today are using the internet to research for their next home or property purchase, so why not create a spectacular aerial tour of your home and or property? There are many agents starting to use UAV photography and video, but there is still a fair share who haven’t considered it.

A UAV/Drone can create an overview of your property listings and surrounding areas.  Want to show a buyer how much area that pool takes up in the backyard or show off that new roof, paved driveway, where the property is situated to stores, malls, schools? A UAV can do just that for you, and illustrate the rest of the neighborhood

Drone photography can boost your company’s profile.  Once the word gets out that you offer aerial photography and video with your property listings, sellers and buyers alike will seek you out.  Okay, so now you think you may want to get a drone for yourself.

For the price of a traditional home inspection, you could have an elaborate, eye catching video that will show off your property to potential buyers where ever they may be.